Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Yes, it's Diwali. Yes, it is festive. Yes, I am finally done with preparations. Of course, as usual, I'm sure I could've done more. In any case, too late now - it's a little past midnight, and here I am, channel surfing (a fruitless exercise, but being the eternal optimist,...) and blogging. And quickly sending/ replying to work mails, because...

... I am off on vacation. Hurrah! Yay! Yippee!

Nothing fancy, just the annual visit to the in-laws, but it's not reason to complain at all. Of course, will put up loads of pics while there *snort* when I'm back. Will blog regularly too. Okay, occasionally.

So what did I do to prep, anyway? Here's the list:
  • Cleaned house
  • Washed curtains/ changed bedlinen (which we do otherwise too, but it's almost mandatory at Diwali)
  • Put up the fairy lights and the kandeel, or paper lantern. (More on that later, remind me)
  • Piously lit diyas and placed outside the door (Again, more later)
  • Made chocolates. You think? Well, unfortunately this is the one thing that I didn't get down to doing. Sad. So bought these small pouches, bought chocolates, bought diyas and made up packages to give the neighbours. (You'll notice the malls love people like me - note the overuse of the word 'bought'.)
  • Bought gifts and wrapped them (LOVE that!), ready to give away with loads of warm Diwali wishes
That's more or less it.

So while I'm away (and possibly too lazy to blog), have a wonderful and safe Diwali, y'all out there!

Thursday, 20 October 2011


Because it's soon going to be Diwali. (More here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diwali)

Things to buy for:
  • The family
  • Friends
  • House help
  • Some acquaintances
(Given that there are just five days to go, yes, I am running late. Very late. All that I have done is the list, so far. *panic*)

P.S.: Will also be doing some crafts (senility second childhood just for fun) this weekend, so stay tuned for pictures!
*claps hands in glee* Oooh, what fun!

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Currently, this is what my bedside table holds:

Been meaning to read The Tao of Pooh, Te of Piglet for the longest time now; finally got myself a copy and have made (very small, as of now) inroads into it. Good reading.

Of course, books by Betty Neels and Mary Higgins Clark are my all-time favourites, so I'm invariably re-reading (sometimes, even re-re-reading) some of their books - which is the case right now, too.

Weekend agenda: Finish up with these, start off a new lot, and also find some time to paint. (Meeting The Mother-in-Law Later This Month is on the cards; will be gifting her a me-made painting.)


... are quite my favourite by far.

Makes you happy about having managed to sleepwalk through half the week, with just a couple more days to go.

Am already planning the weekend!

P.S.: Did nothing today, but for digging into my jar of Nutella (mmm-hmm), and then taking myself off for a guilt-walk, an outcome of having demolished a good part of said Nutella jar. Sigh. :/



Found him sunning himself on Mum's dining table this afternoon. Agreed, she cooks amazingly well, but that's no excuse for Mr Arachnid to stop by.

Ick. Ick.

Saturday, 1 October 2011


WHY does a public holiday have to fall on a Sunday? :(
Yes, that's the problem with tomorrow - I need a weekend! Can someone order me one now, right away, please?


Not necessarily in another life, but say you were to re-do/ un-do stuff in this one itself?

Rockstar? Actor? Scientist? Doctor? Engineer? Artist? Teacher? Spouse? Parent? Sportsperson? Entrepreneur? Salesperson? Financial guru? Writer? Horticulturist?

Hmm. So you picked one.


... somewhere, aren't we all (or most) of these things, at various life stages?
Aren't you a rockstar to the person(s) you matter to the most?
Aren't you the doctor who kisses those boo-boos away?
Aren't you the artist who works on those masterpieces that your parents proudly display on their living room walls?
Aren't you the financial guru who skillfully runs a home on a budget?
Aren't you the horticulturist who livens up a dreary room with a window box full of blooms? Aren't you the scientist, the engineer who thinks quick on your feet to come up with solutions to the most complex of (daily) concerns?
Aren't you the writer who painstakingly pens letters (okay, e-mails!) to stay in touch with those whom you care about?
Aren't you the sportsperson who sprints about from task to task, successfully juggling several activities at a time?
Aren't you the entrepreneur who works on your own new ventures?

Go on, don another hat today! Or maybe, just doffing it to yourself would suffice!